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Explorers do many functions for the Police Department and this is a few:

Children Fingerprinting

Explorers will set up and run a fingerprint station at various locations around Federal Way. This interaction helps teach leadership and personal skills that they will help them be successful in life.

Security at Events

Explorers will provide security at local events. This will build confidence and teamwork.

Traffic Control

Explorers provide traffic control at local events. This will build decision making abilities and help build confidence for them to make quick decisions that affect others.

Lost Child Details

Explorers will setup and staff a lost child booth at local events. This will provide leadership experience as well as interactions with others. This may also be done in a form of a search for a lost person from a school or institution.

Evidence Searches

Explorers will be supervised by local Police in an effort to find evidence of crimes. This helps the Explorer become detail oriented as well as provide Teamwork skills.

Vehicle Identification Number Etching (VIN)

Explorers will setup a booth to provide VIN etching services for residents. This program will teach attention to detail.

Assist other Police Department Units

Explorers may assist the following units at the Police Department:

Firearms Unit

Emergency Driving Unit

Records Unit

Detectives Division

Crime Prevention Unit

Traffic Unit

Evidence / Property Unit

Crime Scene Team


This is just a few things that we do, come to a meeting and find out more.

What Explorers Do