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What we wear tells a story:

Chest Patch: (Left)

The patch is modeled after the original FWPD Badge. The "E" is the Learning for life Explorer logo. On the top of the patch is an Eagle, to represent courage.

It was originally Silver and Black, but was changed to a subdued color in 2004 when we changed the uniform colors.


Shoulder Patch: (Right)

The patch is modeled after the FWPD patch. The Scales are for the Scales of Justice and the crossed swords represent Civil War General Grant's visit to the area during his command. Our street "Military Road" is named as a popular Military transport route during that era.

The original patch was a Federal Way Police patch with an "Explorer" rocker sewn underneath.

Current Uniforms

To stay accordance with CALEA standards, Explorer uniforms are different that Police Officers. The shirt is Nickel gray with Black Pants.

For the safety of the Explorer, the word "Police" is not written on any uniform item that they are issued or authorized to wear.


All Uniforms are worn with a Yellow and Black  jacket.

Class A

Class B

Class C

Long sleeve Uniform shirt, Pants and Tie

Short sleeve Uniform shirt and Pants

Grey Polo shirt and Black BDU pants

Federal Way Explorer Chest Patch

Uniforms and Equipment