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Broken, check later

Background Process

Everyone that is volunteers for a police agency will be given a thorough background.  This consists of meeting with the applicant and asking questions about their thoughts about policing.

It has several stages:

1. Meetings

Applicants will be required to attend at least three meetings before they will be allowed to be invited to the oral board.  During the meetings, they will be observed by post members to check for interest and compatibility in the program. This observation period begins on your first meeting, until you are accepted as a member of the post.

2. Oral board

This consists of a panel interview of the applicant.  The questions are basic and are used to get a better understanding of the knowledge, integrity and interest level of the applicant in the program.

3. Application / Personal History Statement Form (PHS)

Each applicant will need to complete a background personal history statement. This information will be used to conduct the background.  The Explorer Commander will provide the paperwork for the applicant on the 2nd meeting.

All answers should be candid,  honest, and complete.  The applicant should complete the form themselves, not by another person.   Printing skills will be reviewed.   Send the background reference link  to your references to complete before your background interview.  Your interview will not be scheduled until after the references have replied.

4. Background Interview

Each applicant will be personally interviewed by an Explorer Advisor to make sure they understood the PHS and to clarify any questions that they had or correct any questions that may have been misunderstood.  Do NOT try to deceive or lie to the investigator-once discovered, it will result in an immediate Disqualification.  Failing to report information is the same as lying.

Applicants should bring the following to the interview:

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Drivers License (if you have one)

You will also be fingerprinted.

5. Be patient and wait

The investigation can take a few weeks to months, depending on the current hiring process.  Continue to attend meetings, unless told otherwise.

“ What if I am turned down?”

Occasionally, some applicants cannot become part of the program.  This can be for many reasons, to include (but not limited to): Past and Pending Criminal Acts, Drug Usage, Integrity, Character, Concerns for Safety, and dishonesty during the background.

Under state law, the agency is not required to explain its reasoning for disqualification.   This allows us to speak with all types of references candidly.   It doesn’t mean that because a single person speaks bad, that one would be disqualified.  It is decided based on the totality of the information provided on the applicant.

Being turned down doesn't necessary reflect on the applicant as a “bad” person, it just means that you are not qualified to join the Explorer Program.  Most of the issues found during this process can be fixed by merely waiting a year or two to re-apply.  The Advisor may provide some ideas on areas to look at, but it is not required.

Link to Background Reference form