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Basic Information on all of our possible events. See the individual FWC Year page to see which events are being used at the current Challenge. Due to issues that can arise, some may be substituted or canceled at the last moment.

High Risk Warrant

Your Team has been requested to assist detectives on serving a high-risk search warrant. Intelligence information shows that the suspects who are at the location have access to several firearms. (4-6 member team)

Bus Assault

You team will be dealing with terrorists on a bus that have hostages; you will receive a more detailed briefing once on the scene. (4-6 member team)

Rapid Deployment

Most tactical operations teams are often forced to respond to rapidly evolving situations, without much advance notice of where they are going or what to expect. In this scenario, you must do the same. You will be briefed while on scene at the event. (4-6 member team)

Drug Warrant

You are to backup Narcotic agents on a high risk buy/ bust at a house. The informant will make the purchase, give the assigned signal and your team will go in and secure the building. At the same time, you will need to locate “evidence” inside the building and bring it back to the designated location for inventory. This is a timed event and the clock is your enemy. (4-6 member team)

Sniper Challenge

Your team will be assisting SWAT on looking for a dangerous terrorist. Perimeter has been secured and are awaiting for you to get in place and take care of the problem. You and your partner will need to get into a position of cover, spot the target and communicate with each other to take the shot. *tentative live fire exercise* (2 person team)

Marijuana Field Raid

Your Tactical team has been requested to assist with securing a field that is believed to be occupied by the Mullet brothers. The Mullet brothers are ex-military and are suspected of growing marijuana in this field. Intelligence information shows that the brothers have a hideout in the bushes. Booby traps may have been planted by the brothers. The brothers are known drug users and have made comments of being in possession of explosives and firearms. (4-6 member team)

Hogan’s Alley

Patrol Officers responded to a reported home invasion. In an effort to drive the suspect(s) out of the house, a patrol supervisor decided to gas the house. Now your tactical team has been called to clear the house. There is sketchy information about who exactly is in the house. It may contain several victims, in addition to the hostile, armed suspects. The tactical truck, containing all of your SWAT gear and weapons, has not arrived yet and shots have been fired inside the house. You must enter the house wearing gas masks. Armed with the gear you have with you, you will set out to clear the house. Your mission: take out the hostile suspects and verbally challenge anyone else. Time is of the essence. (4-6 member team, going one at a time)

High Risk Stop

You have just stopped a vehicle involved with a bank robbery 30 minutes earlier. You, your partner and a second two person unit will conduct a high risk stop that will put an end to the bank robber(s)’ crime spree. More details will be given on scene (4 members max)

Tactical Relay Race

This event is changing every year and more information will be given on scene.

Pistol Orientation

Your team was cleaning your guns and put the disassembled firearms in the cleaning solution bin to soak and air dry. After they had dried, your team was activated for a call out and you need to put both guns together and dry fire each with one trigger pull. You will then need to disassemble the guns into labeled boxes with the correct parts in each. Before you start, you will be directed to do a physical activity to increase the challenge. (2 member team max)


Your team is involved with a very long pursuit. You will need to switch drivers at certain intervals to include everyone. (4-6 member team)

Reality Based Training (RBT)

Your team will respond to a basic patrol call and do the best you can.... (2 or more member team) Advisor event also. K9 Track Your team will be assisting a K9 handler as he searches for a bad guy, your job is to cover him and his dog. (2 member team)

Defensive Tactics Seminar

This will give your team some basic DT skills that you will use in the real world of Law Enforcement.

Lazerquest Tournement

This event will be an all night lazertag tournament with double elimination. All teams must participate to be included in the overall trophy. *tentative* (4 to 6 member team)

Pup the Bounty Hunter

We have several "Warrants" for subjects that may attend the event, if you catch them-you get the reward. (4-6 members)

Building Search

Your team has been sent to look for an Officer that was searching an abandoned business known as a transient hangout. (4-6 Member team)

Physical Challenge

Physical tests for your team to complete. (4-6 member team, scored on an average)

Challenge Events