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The Federal Way Challenge series are a set of competitions for Law Enforcement Explorers. The events may have 10-12 stages of mock scenes or physical agility events. The Mock Scenes are designed around incidents that Police Officers have experienced and may have been modified to allow it to be judged.

Awards are given to the top 3 placed teams for each event, Top Post for best average, and Top Team. Physical events awards are given to individual participants. All participants are required to participate in all of the team events.

Patrol Based Challenge:

Events include, but are not limited to: Domestic Violence, Field Interview, Accident Investigation, Theft investigation, Building Search, High Risk Stop, Basic Traffic Stop, Defensive Tactics, and Physical Agility. This is currently a one day event.

Tactical Challenge:

The Tactical event is run similar to the standard challenge- except, it is based on use of force issues and teamwork. Equipment usually includes Airsoft or Simunitions guns. This is where the Explorers get to play SWAT guy/gal for a weekend. This is a 4-6 person event that lasts 2 days.

Both events are open to Cadet Units also, as long as the participants are 14-21 and not Police Academy trained or commissioned

The Next Tactical Challenge is:

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Federal Way Challenge