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Questions About entry to the post and its costs involved.

Why do i need to fundraise $150?

What do I need to buy for the basic Uniform?

What is the Basic Explorer Academy?

Can I arrest People?

Why does it take so long to join the Explorers?


Q: Why do I need to fundraise $150?

A: The Uniforms, basic Explorer training (one week camp), and Exploring Registration are financial costs related to the program, although $150 doesn't cover the total cost needed, it helps keep the post fundraising minimal and allows us to focus on the reason for the program- youth. FWPD goal with this program has always been to make it accessable to everyone (regardless of financial status) to participate. Fundraising is an easy way to come up with the money without out of pocket expense of your family. Example; A basic car wash can raise $150 in a four hour period. You will have help from your fellow Explorer is this project so that your not overburdened. You can also choose to pay this fee directly to the post, but fundraising is more of a learning experience of dealing with people and learning to be organized.

None of this money is refundable upon exiting the post. All issued items will be returned upon exiting the post.

Q: What do I need to buy for the basic Uniform?

A: During probation, your will need to purchase Black BDU cargo pants, Basic black boots with a shineable toe, Black t-shirts and black Socks. We will issue you with a Bullet resistant Vest, Polo shirt, Jacket and Black Leather belt.

All issued items will be returned upon exiting the post.

Q: What is the Explorer Basic Academy?

A: Twice a year, the Washington Law Enforcement Advisor Association (WLEEA) hosts a week long academy for Explorers to attend. The dates are usually in the middle of August and the Last week of December. This "Boot camp" atmosphere challenges the Explorer with tasks and classroom training that will help them understand the career of law enforcement. The post will pay for one academy per a year for Explorers in good standing. ALL FW Explorers will attend at least the basic Academy within one year of entrance into the post. It is also a requirement for Explorers to make "Ride-along" Status within the post. Advance Academies are available.

Q: Can I arrest People?

A: No, you are not a comissioned police officer and cannot arrest people. This programs teaches you about law enforcement and will allow you to experience it so that you can make an informed decision about it as a career choice.  

Q: Why does it take so long to get into the program?

A: It will take about 1 1/2 months to become an Explorer. This is due to the background investigation that must be done on each applicant. You will be given an application after attending your second meeting. The sooner you return the application, the sooner that it can be processed. Ideally, you will be given an oral board interview on the third meeting and it will be determined if your accepted into the post.  

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